8 Signs That Your Date Likes You

Love at first date is generally not the norm. It is unlikely that you will go gaga over each other in your very first meeting. If it does happen, congratulations! You are lucky! But the others who do not quite gauge how their date is going, whether their date is enjoying it or not can know by observing the verbal and non-verbal cues. We have tried to highlight some of them below –

Verbal Cues


When your date…..

–     finds the current conversation interesting and doesn’t seem keen to change the topic.

–     suggests extending the date.

–     unwittingly talks about doing something the next time.

–     expresses eager intention to meet again soon

–     in case of women when your date offers to drop you home.

Non – Verbal Cues


Other than the verbal cues which can be misleading at times the non – verbal ones can be relied upon more with studies showing that 55% of our communication is non-verbal. The body language of your date is a significant indicator of where your date is going. We discuss that below in brief –

Eye Contact. If your date’s eyes stray during the conversation he/she is bored. If there is prolonged eye contact not to worry everything’s going fine. Also, a person’s eyes dilate when he/she sees something he/she finds attractive. This could be a great way to determine if your date is into you.

Posture. Generally, a relaxed posture is a sign of being comfortable. If your date keeps himself/herself close to you there is a chance that there is nothing to worry about as yet.

Physical Contact. Generally, people don’t touch other people they are not interested in. So if your date has made any physical contact it is an encouraging sign. A touch on your arm, brushing your legs, flicking your hand while walking are an indication of genuine interest.

Other signs, in case of women, like biting the lips, running the tongue over the lips & playing with the hair are clear indicators of interest or attraction. In case of men, they generally run their hand through their hair, breathe in and push the shoulders back to show interest.

You also want to be careful not to psych yourself out just because you noticed some negative body language. Levels of comfort fluctuate frequently on dates as it is a nervous affair for most. But, nevertheless, look for such cues, analyse them and then judge.

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What to do and what not to do on your first date

The next step in the dating process is the date itself. After you have decided where you are going and what type of experience you are going to be having it is time to start preparing for the occasion you were waiting for. Be it a single person or a married one there is always a little bit of nervousness regarding the first date. And there are a few things to do and a few things to avoid on your first date as it is your chance to really shine. We have tried to highlight some of the stuff that daters should not neglect on their first dates –

Be Yourself. If there’s any chance you feel a distinct desire to have a future with the person sitting across the table, tell the truth about yourself. Don’t try to fool your date as lies would most definitely be busted in future.

Body Language. Apart from what you talk about it is also about how you talk and carry yourself throughout the date. Avoid being fidgety. Make eye contact. Don’t shake your head or nod vigorously. That is a sign of nervousness. On the whole be confident and put your best foot forward.

Do not drink much. Need we say more on this?

Keep the conversation going. Even if you both share similar interests and tastes there is still a likelihood of coming across a situation where you don’t seem to know what to say next. In that case, things like “Have you ever been to?” “How did  your interest in ___ start?” “The setting is perfect, isn’t it?” work. Know the art of keeping a conversation going.

Don’t keep on asking awkward & inappropriate questions. There is no doubt that the person you are dating has some things that he/she doesn’t want to discuss. Hence it is very important to know when to stop with the topic.

Don’t make a snap judgment. Unless your date is a total bugger or a potential nutcase give it another shot before writing off. Rush to first date judgment and you’ll have lots and lots of time to regret the hasty rejection of someone who might have been the true love of your life. Do give the person a fair chance.

Final move. Last but not the least. When you are done with the date and it is time to  say good bye it is important to decide what your next move should be. If you would like to meet again state it clearly. If you don’t think there is chemistry call it off. Whatever your intentions it is better to convey them honestly and clearly.

Happy Dating J

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5 Great First Date Ideas

When you decide to meet each other you got to choose as to what type of dating experience you and your date want to have given each other’s preferences. There is no point in going to a place which completely contradicts as to the kind of experience your date desires. Thus, it becomes important to know what you both like and decide accordingly. In this post we have shortlisted 5 fantastic first date ideas that are ideal for married daters –


A coffee shop is the best place to have a casual, quiet meet up with your date, sit along and have a lovely time knowing each other. It is a preferred place for a first date because of the ambience and the warmth that cafes provide. If you and your date are foodies or love having different cuisines then a meeting at a restaurant is an ideal one where you can talk and enjoy a wonderful meal.


If you both love movies then having your first date at a movie is not a bad option. A movie date gives you the chance to sit next to each other in a fairly dark room for a couple of hours with a lot of opportunities to touch each other, speak closely or even do a lot more. Though there would not be enough opportunities to talk during the movie it will give you both a topic to discuss afterwards and who knows, you may start to develop chemistry.

Outdoor Activity

If you love nature & would like to have a non-fussy first date then an activity like a walk in the park or on the beach is an ideal one. This way you can get the chance to talk to each other while enjoying your outdoor activity and without any disturbance from anyone.

Learning a new skill

Learning something new is a great way to spend time together and get along well. It is absolute fun to learn a new skill with someone whom you are trying to know which would probably give various humorous moments.

Adventure Sports

If you are both adventurous and love thrilling experiences then adrenaline pumping stuff like bungee jumping, river rafting, skydiving and the likes are the best options. The adrenaline rush that such activities provide is a great way to bond for the adventurous sorts.

Hope you have great date ahead. So share with us some of your wildest experiences.

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Online dating for married people is a great option to add spice to your life if you are not happy with your marriage or are enduring an unfulfilled relationship. It is the most convenient way to find a partner who will be able to complement you. Though this can be non-fussy one needs to follow certain unwritten rules of dating to maximise the potential that online dating provides. Below are some tips that can enhance your experience and give you positive results –

Create An Up-To-Date Profile

The first thing that a person sees is your profile. Hence, it’s important to make sure that your profile is lively, fun, and positive. Be honest and avoid pessimistic statements like “I’m lonely, I can’t believe I’m doing this.” Look at other profiles and determine what lacks in your profile and improve upon it. If a person finds your profile interesting you have increased your chances of someone showing interest in you. Make yours intriguing.

Check Out Social Networking Profiles

Apart from going through the profiles of potential dates you should also have a look at their profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Google+, etc. This may give you a sneak peek as to what those persons do online, who their friends are, who they hang out with and all. Having a look at their online activities can tell you a lot about what the other person and help you in decision-making.

Communicate Effectively

Your first message to someone you are interested in is the most important one you’ll ever write because it will help determine whether or not they ping back. It’s important to personalize your introductory message and spend more time asking questions than providing information about yourself. Keep the tone of the conversation formal or casual depending upon how the other person is responding.

Follow Your Gut Feeling

Your gut feeling is probably the most powerful medium for knowing when you don’t feel good about something. You can rely on your instincts to decide whether you should move ahead with it or not. At the end of the day it is all about how you feel.

Make The First Date Memorable

When you are done with the online stuff and have mutually agreed to meet it becomes imperative to make sure that you complement what you said online so that there is no confusion in the mind of your date. It is your chance to consolidate on the impression that you have created in the mind of your date.

Are you ready to take the flight?

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How to keep a woman happy….

It’s not difficult to make a woman happy. A man only needs to be:

1. A friend2. A companion3. A lover

4. A brother

5. A father

6. A master

7. A chef

8. An electrician

9. A carpenter

10. A plumber

11. A mechanic

12. A decorator

13. A stylist

14. A sexologist

15. A gynaecologist

16. A psychologist

17. A pest exterminator

18. A psychiatrist

19. A healer

20. A good listener

21. An organizer

22. A good father

23. Very clean

24. Sympathetic

25. Athletic

26. Warm

27. Attentive

28. Gallant

29. Intelligent

30. Funny

31. Creative

32. Tender

33. Strong

34. Understanding

35. Tolerant

36. Prudent

37. Ambitious

38. Capable

39. Courageous

40. Determined

41. True

42. Dependable

43. Passionate

44. Compassionate


45. Give her compliments regularly

46. Love shopping

47. Be honest

48. Be very rich

49. Not stress her out

50. Not look at other girls


51. Give her lots of attention, but expect little yourself

52. Give her lots of time, especially time for herself

53. Give her lots of space, never worrying about where she goes


54. Never to forget:

* Birthdays

* Anniversaries

* Arrangements she makes


Leave him alone…. 


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A new phenomenon called E-MOONING

We all know those cute little computer symbols called ’emoticons,’ where:

🙂 means a smile and

🙁 is a frown.

Well, how about some ‘ASSICONS?’  Here goes:

(_!_) a regular ass

(__!__) a fat ass

(!) a tight ass

(_*_) an ass hole

{_!_} a swishy ass

(_o_) an ass that’s been around

(_x_) kiss my ass

(_X_) leave my ass alone

(_zzz_) a tired ass

(_E=mc2_) a smart ass

(_$_) Money coming out of his ass

(_?_) Dumb Ass

You have just been e-mooned!

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Tips For Attracting A Guy

Before you even try to attract a man, first you have to determine your strong points as a woman. When you have determined your strong points, you can use them to your advantage.

It is not a secret that men are first attracted by the physical attributes of women. And thus this is the best place to start. Probably you have incredible legs or deep blue eyes – use them to your advantage.

It is a good idea to wear flattering clothing and put on a great smile and light up the room. However, try not to put yourself out there too much because you certainly do not want to cast the wrong impression of yourself.

It is true that men like confident women. However, do not confuse confident with overconfident or conceited. Using the proper level of confidence could be a great turn on. You have to let men know that you are looking for the proper man. If you want to meet a man who respects an independent woman, you have to show your confidence.

The other thing for you to keep in mind is to show your intelligence. Of course, we all have seen blondes on TV that get whatever man they want. However, you do not want to be that girl. You certainly want a man who appreciates a woman with smarts. And thus you do not have to be ashamed of your intelligence.

As well, you do not have to be afraid to step up. In fact, waiting on a man to approach you seems outdated in modern society. Today a lot of men like a woman that knows what exactly she wants. And thus go ahead and make the first move. You have to show him that you are interested and strike up a conversation.

If you let your good traits shine, you will have no problems attracting a man. Just put yourself out there and watch as they line up. However, here it is important not to overdo this.

Establishing relationships is a real issue for a number of men. Luckily they can find lot of best flirting tips on the web network. For example this tips on flirting site proposes a lot of info on the subject including details on alpha male system.

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The Art Of Flirting

For some people flirting is a hard task and for others it comes naturally. In fact, flirting is an art and thus it is easy to be talented in this area, but the talent could be gained by anyone who wants to reach for it. Men and women have absolutely different flirting styles and the only way the flirting styles could mesh together is if they are on the same level.

If a man is interested he will show it to you immediately. In most cases, if a woman catches your eye and she is not interested, she will just turn you down. However, if woman did not catch your eye but you nevertheless walk up to her wit that cheesy line, you are most likely will be embarrassed.

Quite often there is a situation when you see a girl sitting at a table by herself and you are thinking of a million things to say to her but nothing seems to be good enough. For example, you can say how great scent she has on and ask what it is. However, here you have to remember to ask only if you really smell a scent on her. And if you smell nothing, then she could look at you as you are crazy or she could be just flattered that her natural scent smells as perfume.

Flirting technique that women traditionally use could be described as if she acts and man is the guest star with no rehearsed lines. Women could drop something only to see if you will help women pick it up.

Women cry for no reason, fake illnesses and distraught and so on. These techniques work on men but some men are starting to notice a pattern. Women have got to come up with something new and men like teaching them things they are good at. So it is a great flirting technique for both men and women.

Establishing contacts is a real problem for a number of men. Luckily they can find lot of tips for flirting on the web network.

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What To Know About Flirting

To flirt with authenticity and great effectiveness it is necessary to be comfortable with who you are. First of all, you have to woo yourself and create a persona that appeals and delights and meets with the approval of your best sensibilities. This means that you have to fall in love with yourself, but without being egoistical about this and the whole world with follow suit. It is a good idea to practice flirting in the mirror if needs be to brush up on your smooth moves and most enchanting winks.

It is well known that the art of successful flirting boils down to proper timing and a sincere touch. It requires a balance to effectively pull off. As well, you have to intuitively sense how to approach others and take care to tease and delight in appropriate manner.

The other useful tactic is to learn the essential points that could be used later in conversations. It is common knowledge that the majority of people warm to others who share the similar tastes to themselves. Being agreeable with another and to demonstrate this subtly and with flair is a surefire flirting strategy.

Making an eye contact and smiling with genuineness are two great flirting tips. It is a good idea to allow your natural sense of humor to come forward and be as comfortable and relaxed as possible. Keep in mind that a tense attitude kills flirting.

And effective, yet simple idea is to cultivate a passion for living. All you have to do is to show delight in all things and you have to project this happy aura to the world. The basis of flirting is all about attracting others and being appealing to them and there is nothing more attractive and appealing than a joyous person. While flirting you have to make the object of your flirt feel appreciated and special. This means that you have to focus on their interests and genuinely inquire about their passions and lives.

is a great issue for a number of men. Fortunately they can find lot of tips for flirting on the web network.

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Crucial Flirting Tips For Men

Today the majority of men face one great problem that they are unable to flirt with women. A lot of singles are frustrated since they do not know how to flirt properly with women. And it is a reason why they are single. And thus bellow there is a set of vital flirting tips for men. With the help of these tips you will be able to attract women and fill up your loneliness:

– First of all, you have to remember that flirting is all about to give, but not to get. And thus it is necessary to determine the things that you need to give women to get something from them. In fact, you have to give what women want to get what you want. It is well known that women like care and compliments as well as they want to be treated as women. This is one of the most important flirting tips for men – give women these two simple things and you will have a lot of women to flirt.

– The majority of women want someone lead them in their lives as well as they want someone to take their decisions. And you can do nothing with this because it is woman’s nature. If you want to know how to flirt with women, then you have to develop an ability to lead women on their ways.

– When you have developed a little intimacy with a woman, you can increase this intimacy by touching her. If you physically touch her, then you are closer to touch her emotions. And thus, it is much better for you to touch her in natural ways frequently. And the best timing to touch a woman physically and create emotional attraction is when you lead her.

These are some of the best flirting tips for men. However you also need to understand the complete flirting strategy to apply these tips to the practical life.

Establishing contacts is a great issue for a number of men. Fortunately they can find lot of flirting tips on the web network.

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