4 Common Dating Mistakes MEN Make

In the previous blog post we discussed about the mess ups that women generally make while dating. In this post we will discuss dating mistakes that men.

It is considered that when it comes to dating men are more prone to making mistakes. The reasons why they make these errors are varied and different from women’s. Hence, advice that men should consider is very different than advice for women. Without further ado we list the 4 common dating mistakes that men make and ways to avoid them –

Authenticity & Accuracy – Sure, you want to portray yourself as the best possible candidate. But in doing so do not fake anything. Men generally feel that they would get away with a little bit of falseness. The truth is somewhere down the line you will definitely get caught. And that is worse, isn’t it? So be authentic. Fill your profile accurately and behave genuinely at dates.

Impatience – Men tend to be desperate right from the word ‘go’. They try to move things along too quickly. Being adults it is very important for men to show some dignity by not being too eager. You want fun. She wants fun too. But there is no way to force the issue. Do realize that you cannot ever control anyone else’s actions or behaviour. Be patient and put your best foot forward.

Physical Contact – The days of your young, new dating life are well and truly over. You are an adult now. The standards and limits of physical contact are different from what they were in your early adulthood. On top of that you are dating a married woman. Considering all these things it is advised to exercise caution. Don’t be eager to go in for a kiss at the end when the woman just isn’t ready. See if she is getting intimate. Take cues from her body language.

Rudeness & Ego – It is quite baffling to see so many men showing off their arrogance. They think that makes them look ‘macho’, ‘manly’, ‘strong’, etc. However, more often than not, women take that as a sign of rudeness and lack of dignity. Also, having an ego is a big turn-off. No one likes to be with someone with an inflated sense of self. So don’t portray yourself as haughty. If you not then you should definitely not do it. Be natural.

We hope you do not commit these mistakes. Good Luck.

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5 Ways To Charm Women

What attracts women?

Men have asked themselves this question innumerable time at some point in their lives – as young adults or now when they are still looking to date after their marriage. It is something that has bothered the male community since time immemorial. But some lucky few don’t ask themselves this as they seem to have a natural attraction. So what do they do that others do not? Is there a formula for success in charming women?

Well, though there is no secret formula of attraction there are some ways that will definitely help you in achieving your objective. We present to you the 5 ways to charm women –

Self-Confidence – There is nothing more important and an effective tool than self-confidence. Being confident means that you will approach women more easily and women of course like being approached. Then at the same time though being confident suggests that there is a good reason for your being that way and it suggests that you’re a catch. At the same time confidence suggests experience and women like to think that a man knows what he’s doing.

Dressing – Dressing the same as the average male will not give you a psychological advantage when it comes to being in contact with women. Be a gentleman and dress like one. It doesn’t mean that you should wear a suit or any other formals. Even if it is casuals wear a decent looking combination. Also, wear whatever makes you feel comfortable and confident as that will get you attention.

Intelligence – You need to maintain sophistication together with class. Like you other adult women are usually knowledgeable when it comes to the art of dating and it’s also necessary to arrange all your charms you have to seduce them. Women at this age are more into gentleman types. The more sophisticated and intelligent you appear, better your chances to seduce.

Certainty – Women at this point in their life would rather prefer certainty over adventure when it comes to the future. If you can provide it and communicate it, you’ll be more attractive. Learn to communicate certainty in everything you do and you will definitely succeed. A sense of certainty is what women look for in men.

Manhood – Last but not the least, a significant trait that influences women is masculinity. Women do not want to be in a relationship with someone who is of their age but lacks maturity. So be and act like a real and independent man. Do not fake it. It would be useless as women can spot it easily. Work on yourself until you know you have become a real man. When you do, you’ll attract women naturally.

Good luck!

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When & How To Talk About The Future

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How To Spice Up Your Relationship

No matter how much you take up each other’s interests there will always be a likelihood of advent of a period when either of you or each of you will feel there is lack of excitement and action. It is not really a thing to be worried about. It is quite natural. When two people come together, they generally have a ball and explore various avenues that add life to the whole relationship. However, over a period of time it starts to get monotonous. And that is when either of you has to take charge to add spice to your courtship. Below are some of the tried and tested methods of bringing back the spark in your relationship –

One of the best ways to re-energise a relationship is by planning a holiday, be it short or long. Travelling together and spending time with each other continuously for a few days helps to energize and refresh romance. Choose a type of holiday according to your preferences. That is a safe option. But you can also consider something that you do not generally opt for. If you are not adventurous, you can give a shot at it. It is all about the experience.

One critical element of any love affair is surprises. Every partner loves and desires being pleasantly surprised from time to time. For example, surprise gifts extended to your partner can also count amongst the romance rejuvenating tips. Gifting may not be treated as an occasion bound phenomena and when gifts transcend the limits of special occasions or events they definitely add to the thrill of romance.

To break the routine spells of boredom or monotony you can add a personal touch to your romance to show your caring concern for your partner. For example, plan a candle light dinner at a secluded place. It will definitely help in enlivening the dying embers of romance and passion.

Another sure-shot method to re-create the excitement and anticipation of the early days of your love life is to get intimate. An expression of love like reading the same book together (preferably a romantic one), holding hands for a long, long time, an occasional cuddle et al. In short, give your partner the love and affection that he/she seeks. There is nothing like an intimate and passionate expression of love.

So if ever you sense the fun and excitement in your love life is on the wane do not panic. Implement these methods and you will definitely bring back the glory days of your relationship.

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Why and How To Date Younger Men

The American society has always accepted the phenomenon of older men dating younger women since a long, long time. There has been nothing to really bother about it. But when it came to older women dating younger men, the relationship was considered contentious. However, times have changed and the society has got used to the idea of older women dating younger men regardless of their marital status.

But what is it that attracts older women to younger men or vice versa? Well, following are some of the reasons why older women fall for men younger than them and why you should definitely date them –

  • Many younger men find older women alluring. There is no specific reason for it.
  • Younger men, being lesser experienced and of course being young, are comparatively easy going, enthusiastic and non-fussy. They would happily let you go along whatever you like to do with your professional life.
  • Younger men don’t have high expectations. Generally, all they want is your company, love and respect.
  • Younger men think older women are interesting and cool as they have lived and travelled and can talk about all sorts of things with ease.
  • More often than not, older men are serious. They talk about serious matters even on a dinner date. On the other hand, younger men are more considerate of the situation and the setting and act accordingly.

At the end of the day if you happen to want to date someone older than you it doesn’t really matter what your reason is as long as it makes sense to you and the person you are with.

Now you have got reasons to date a younger man. But you don’t know how to go about it? Or you still have some doubts about it. Well, we have got some advice and precautions to take before considering entering into a relationship with younger men –

  • The fact that you are dating a younger man is bound to be a hot topic for gossip and criticism. Don’t let this bother you even a bit. Ignore them and enjoy the relationship.
  • There are a lot of men who are just looking for a one night stand or a booty call, so it is up to you to figure out who you are dealing with. Make them wait to get into a physical relationship with you and that way you will eliminate most of the guys that aren’t looking for a long-term relationship.
  • Before making any commitment make sure the man is okay with what you want achieve in the relationship, meaning what your goals are, whether you seek to have a child and stuff like that.
  • Also, dear women, do not stereotype your men or dismiss their thoughts and feelings because of their age. There are plenty of younger men who will be just as mature as older women. The women who fail at noticing it may lose their men.

The ball is in your court now. All the best.

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Flirting Tips For Mature Daters (Part 2)

In the first part we discussed about the ways how women can woo men. In this second part we will discuss how men can attract women.

Being able to flirt with a woman definitely is not a skill that every man is born with. It is considered hardship by many mature dating men. Even men that have been really good at flirting with women in their heydays have to work at it. This is because they lack the finesse and flamboyance that is required. After marriage men generally don’t get opportunities to practise their trade of flirting. Thus, they need to do some warming up and get back their confidence before setting out for the journey –

1) Firstly, and most importantly, compliment her. Women love being praised. Keep your compliments respectful. Tell her that she has a great sense of humour, lush hair or sparkling eyes et al. Make her feel like the most special woman in the world.

2) With women, flirting is usually ineffective unless a man is properly groomed and looks well put together and tidy. Make sure that your hair is clean and combed, you have trimmed your beard and smell good. Women give equal weight to how they look as well how others look. So pay attention to your appearance.

3) Make the most of body language. Your body sends out messages you may not even consciously know and even minor adjustments can change how women perceive you. Exude self-confidence. Men with aura of self-confidence and self-esteem magnetize women. Walk with straight posture, maintain a relaxed and comfortable body stance and smile a lot. Make sure that it is genuine, as women can spot pretence easily. So beware.

4) Most women want men to make the first move. As a result, speak with confidence and flow. If you are not confident initially fake it. With every passing minute it will come more naturally. One important aspect of your communication is listening. Listen well and respond. Also, avoid interrupting her, because no one appreciates this, and doing so will kill your chances at making a good impression. Make sure the conversation doesn’t ever veer towards an argument. Talk your way through to her heart.

5) Women love to be in a company which makes them feel at ease. One way to do that is to make her laugh. Being humorous could be your best weapons to impress her. In this manner, she remains interested in you as you have cultivated a higher status personality. By introducing humour, you can also tease her that readies you to make the next move.

6) Get close. Find an excuse to move in close. Hold it for a brief moment then back away again. Closeness suggests intimacy. An apparent accidental touch is acceptable. She won’t mind. Look for the cues whether she liked it. If yes do it again whenever it is appropriate.

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Flirting Tips For Mature Daters (Part 1)

Regardless of your age, it’s never too late to flirt. Flirting remains an easy and meaningful way to spark the interest of someone you’ve just met. But experts believe that flirting is actually a talent. Some people flirt effortlessly and without even knowing it, others shiver at the very thought of flirting. Some are born with it while some learn it. We don’t disagree with that. In fact, we believe that flirting is both an art (execution) and science (strategy).

In this first part we will discuss about the ways how women can woo men.

1) First and foremost, grab his attention. Glance and smile at the man who you think is handsome. Let him know you are showing interest. Your eyes should meet with his eyes. Ask him to help with directions, tell you the time, carry something for you et al. Be courteous and smile. Comment on his attire, hair, car, and muscles. Men like it when women notice them.

2) If you are talking to a guy you’ve just met, show interest, but don’t flatter him too much. Don’t show all your cards in the first attempt. You are good enough for him. Be more desirable in his eyes and it will keep him interested.

3) An effective way to show a man that you might be interested in getting to know him is with a touch. It’s the subtle art of drawing a person closer to you with your touch. Sometimes, a gentle, lingering touch can send sexual signals.

4) Cheesy lines don’t work. You are old enough to not try to entice someone with such pick-up lines. The outcome may be a disaster.

5) Not only women but even men love to receive compliments. Complimenting someone seriously implies an immediate attraction. Things like “Your shirt suits you, goes well with your trousers”, “That wasn’t a joke. That was a laughter bomb” can really seize the mental space of the man you are flirting with.

6) Show self- confidence. Use body language. It says a lot about you and men can read this pretty easily. Avoid sitting with your arms closed. Keep them open. It indicates an invitation.

So women go out there and attract that man who has got you interested. In part two we will discuss about ways how men can attract women.

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5 Best Ways To Start Your New Relationship

Great! So you have finally met the person of your dreams. But this is just the beginning of the story. How you go about it during the initial phase determines how fruitful the relationship will turn out to be. The early days of a new relationship can feel effortless and exciting as well as tricky sometimes. The key to a successful long-term relationship is a combination of many factors.  Following are some of those factors that need to be kept in mind when you have embarked upon the new phase of your life –

Communication is the single-most important key in any relationship. No relationship can thrive if there is lack of communication between the partners. Conveying your feelings and giving your partner the same amount of space to express his/her thoughts as well are the foundations of any relationship. Don’t hide things that may cause trouble in future.  Be very clear about issues that crop up as they may hold the potential to shake the very foundation of your relationship. Don’t let your partner be suspicious of yourself.  Communicate without leaving a trace of doubt.

The degree of involvement is another factor that is vital to have a healthy relationship. Every relationship requires involvement or it will fade out. Get involved in the lives of your partner as this would help in understanding his/her needs. One more thing which is essential to make a relationship strong is empathy. It is the only quality that makes you realize the feelings of partner. Empathy comes through good engagement with your partner.

Expectations are a pivotal part of every relationship. Expecting is a two-way process. If one wants his expectations to be realized then he should also be prepared to come up to the desires of the other person. Expectations are, basically, desires and desires do not always mean that one is longing for something that is tangible but sometimes desires rise for feelings like love and care. Hence, it is important to understand the nature of expectations and strive hard to fulfil them.

One of the ways to keep a relationship lively is by exploring each other’s interests. Try out new things together to expand mutual interests. Create a long list of things that you both enjoy doing together and you will never be short on ideas to spend your leisure time. Also, be mindful that it is not a problem to have dissimilar interests. No two individuals are completely similar. Thus, you get the opportunity to learn a few new things and activities which makes the relationship more exciting.

Last but not the least, the pillars of any healthy relationship is trust and respect. Trust is something that a partner has to earn in a relationship. Trust your partner and in turn be loyal to him/her. Only when two people commit to each other physically, emotionally and psychologically that a relationship tends to last for a longer duration. The same is with respect. To gain respect you should first start respecting your partner. Respect is also something that a partner has to earn and is a highly valued aspect of a relationship.

To sum it up, we would like just to say that the more effort, love and care you put in your relationship the more it will blossom and will add more happiness in your life.

www.FindNewPassion.com wishes you all the Best.

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How To Know You Are In Love With Your Date

In the previous posts we have discussed the different stages of the dating process and the final one among them is getting to know whether you are really in love with the person you have been dating so far. There are a few indicators that can help you decide for yourself though they are not 100% foolproof. So following are some of the common things that someone who is in love feels. We call it the symptoms of love –

  • You are unable to focus on the present. All you can think of is your ‘date’.
  • You keep on recalling the things that happened on the date no matter how insignificant they were.
  • In case of men, they find the woman’s weird, illogical & trivial chatter amusing.
  • You tend to forget your worries whenever you think of your date or are with him/her.
  • You start dreaming of the future with your date in it even though there hasn’t been any substantial indication whether he/she loves you or not.
  • You start to compromise on things that you never used to.
  • You feel the constant urge to text your date and constantly attempt to subtly let him/her know that you care for and love him/her and imply that you are willing to take the relationship forward.
  • You try to find opportunities to spend time with your date even if it irks the people around you, people like your family, friends or even your superior at work.
  • Though it is not surprising you start to pay no heed to someone of the opposite sex who is an eye-catcher.
  • You start to think in terms of ‘we’. For example, when you propose a plan for the weekend instead of saying “So what is the plan for the weekend?” you say “So what are we doing this weekend?”
  • You start to develop a deep sense of respect for your date irrespective of the things that you dislike, be it some of the unpleasant habits or a volatile though harmless attitude.

Happy Loving,

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What After The First Date?

Three things can happen after your first date. Either the two of you start liking each other so much that you decide to take the relationship forward right away or the both of you don’t feel positive about it and decide to put an end or you are both unsure of what to make of it. In that case, it is worth going backwards rethink the whole experience and analyse it. This is all part of the process for every dating person, be it single or married.

So what, essentially, should you do after your first date when after assessing that you feel it is worth taking it forward?

First and foremost, married daters need not bother about who calls first and whether that would be deemed as a sign of desperation. It is all rubbish. In fact, if your date feels it that way then you know the whole thing is not worth pursuing. So when you have decided to go ahead and find out more about each other the only option and a natural one is to make a call or text to your date expressing your interest to meet up again. If your date feels the same and shows similar enthusiasm you are on the right track.

The next step would be to meet again. After your first date both of you know each other’s likes and preferences pretty well. So to decide where to meet or rather what kind of experience you both would like to have becomes easier. It is advisable to have a distinct experience from the previous occasion. For example, if you had chosen a calmer setting of a restaurant for the first date you can choose a completely different one based on your likings. But do it only if you are both comfortable about the idea.

Good luck and we hope you are lucky the second time.

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