Three Fun Cheap Dating Ideas

Have you been dating, but are in short supply of cash? If that’s the case, don’t allow this to t worry you as there are an abundance of fun ways to date without emptying your bank account. In this article you will discover some of the most popular ideas for cheap dates.

An effective way to decide on a cheap date is to speak to your partner and discover what they like doing the most. If you are online dating you may be able to work this out just by looking at your date’s profile. By asking what their hobbies and interests are, you can begin to create a list of fun cheap activities that you think the two of you will enjoy doing together. Make an effort to work out what sort of personality they are – a lot of people have a preference for staying in for the night, while others want to get out and have a fun night out partying.

1) Stay home and Watch a Film – One of the most simple date nights is a timeless classic- pick out a movie together and stay in for a cozy night of snuggling on the sofa. If you don’t want to leave it at just a movie, you might want to consider getting out the cook book and whipping up a quick meal for the two of you. A romantic dinner at home before the movie has to be wonderful surprise. If you are not gifted in the kitchen keep in mind that there is always a choice of ordering takeaway Chinese food or a pizza.

2) Take a Wander or a Drive and Have a Romantic Picnic – If the weather is nice and you both want to get some clean air, a picnic is an excellent way to spend time with one another and get to kknow each other better. As well as having a great day out, you can save money by making your own food at home. Try selecting a place that neither of you have been before so it adds an element of surprise. Remember to fill up on gas before you head out! If your date is up for it, you may want to suggest taking a hike while you’re out.

Pay a visit to your nearest Wildlife Sanctuary or Zoo – If your date likes wildlife, the zoo can be a fun way to get away from home and see all kinds of interesting wildlife. Remember to bring some sunscreen and lots of water for this idea. Most zoos are comparatively cheap to get into- it’s the snack bars stands and gift stores that cost the most!

Hopefully this will give you a few ideas for low-cost dates. Keep in mind that you don’t have to spend a lot of cash to have fun! All it takes is a little bit of imagination and planning.

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