Marriage Advice For Women

Are you already a married woman? Here are some advice for you.
I believe that every marriage has its peculiarities and each has its own inherent problem(s) depending on the couple. In other words, what obtains in the married lives of Mr. & Mrs. A cannot automatically work for Mr.& Mrs. B. Bearing this in mind, you can go into your home and begin to build your home. The word of God says in the book of Proverbs chapter 31 verse 1 “ a wife of noble character who can find? She is worth far more than rubies. In verse 27, she watches over the affairs of her household”(Proverbs 31: 1 & 27 New Intl. Version).
How can you build your home?
My sincere marriage advice for married women is that you must realise in the first place that you have crossed over from dating and pre marital relationships. You are now in the real union. As a result, do not use friends as the bedrock of your marriage. The magic of their own marriage might turn out a torn in your own marriage. The reason is that you are not the same person as your friend neither is his spouse yours nor do both families think alike. You and your spouse are unique.
Study your spouse. Understand his likes and dislikes. As much as you can, try to blend with him. This is vice versa in married life. While doing this, note that he is also trying to do or is already studying you. Therefore, be sincere and straight forward to him. Be open minded, the truth you hide from your spouse today could be discovered by your spouse at any time. There are some hidden truths that when discovered by any of the party, could go a long way to cause a marriage breakup. So be wise!
Note that some specific things you say and do can encourage natural responses within your spouse that can make him crave for more intimacy with you. So seek and find those things and practice them with your spouse. Argument unfortunately is a part of every healthy marriage. However, while making your point, you should be considerate and kind enough to respect your spouse’s emotional feelings.
Avoid saying and doing stupid things. Some jokes may instigate anger, so avoid them. If you have already fallen in already, try not to repeat it. The word of God says “anger hurts, don’t let it tear your marriage apart. Learn to control yourself when you are angry. Then try detect and avoid other deterrents to your marriage. Like I have mentioned, do not use words which can hurt his feelings.

The paramount of the marriage advices for women I have here for you now is that you have to fall in love many times. So, try to cultivate the attitude of falling in love many times with the same person (your spouse) always. And also discover other avenues that will make your marriage an enjoyable happy home.

I believe this marriage advise will help as many spouses as are desperately in need of a marriage advice or counseling that will make their marriage a very happy one. Good luck!
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