How To Spice Up Your Relationship

No matter how much you take up each other’s interests there will always be a likelihood of advent of a period when either of you or each of you will feel there is lack of excitement and action. It is not really a thing to be worried about. It is quite natural. When two people come together, they generally have a ball and explore various avenues that add life to the whole relationship. However, over a period of time it starts to get monotonous. And that is when either of you has to take charge to add spice to your courtship. Below are some of the tried and tested methods of bringing back the spark in your relationship –

One of the best ways to re-energise a relationship is by planning a holiday, be it short or long. Travelling together and spending time with each other continuously for a few days helps to energize and refresh romance. Choose a type of holiday according to your preferences. That is a safe option. But you can also consider something that you do not generally opt for. If you are not adventurous, you can give a shot at it. It is all about the experience.

One critical element of any love affair is surprises. Every partner loves and desires being pleasantly surprised from time to time. For example, surprise gifts extended to your partner can also count amongst the romance rejuvenating tips. Gifting may not be treated as an occasion bound phenomena and when gifts transcend the limits of special occasions or events they definitely add to the thrill of romance.

To break the routine spells of boredom or monotony you can add a personal touch to your romance to show your caring concern for your partner. For example, plan a candle light dinner at a secluded place. It will definitely help in enlivening the dying embers of romance and passion.

Another sure-shot method to re-create the excitement and anticipation of the early days of your love life is to get intimate. An expression of love like reading the same book together (preferably a romantic one), holding hands for a long, long time, an occasional cuddle et al. In short, give your partner the love and affection that he/she seeks. There is nothing like an intimate and passionate expression of love.

So if ever you sense the fun and excitement in your love life is on the wane do not panic. Implement these methods and you will definitely bring back the glory days of your relationship.

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