5 Great First Date Ideas

When you decide to meet each other you got to choose as to what type of dating experience you and your date want to have given each other’s preferences. There is no point in going to a place which completely contradicts as to the kind of experience your date desires. Thus, it becomes important to know what you both like and decide accordingly. In this post we have shortlisted 5 fantastic first date ideas that are ideal for married daters –


A coffee shop is the best place to have a casual, quiet meet up with your date, sit along and have a lovely time knowing each other. It is a preferred place for a first date because of the ambience and the warmth that cafes provide. If you and your date are foodies or love having different cuisines then a meeting at a restaurant is an ideal one where you can talk and enjoy a wonderful meal.


If you both love movies then having your first date at a movie is not a bad option. A movie date gives you the chance to sit next to each other in a fairly dark room for a couple of hours with a lot of opportunities to touch each other, speak closely or even do a lot more. Though there would not be enough opportunities to talk during the movie it will give you both a topic to discuss afterwards and who knows, you may start to develop chemistry.

Outdoor Activity

If you love nature & would like to have a non-fussy first date then an activity like a walk in the park or on the beach is an ideal one. This way you can get the chance to talk to each other while enjoying your outdoor activity and without any disturbance from anyone.

Learning a new skill

Learning something new is a great way to spend time together and get along well. It is absolute fun to learn a new skill with someone whom you are trying to know which would probably give various humorous moments.

Adventure Sports

If you are both adventurous and love thrilling experiences then adrenaline pumping stuff like bungee jumping, river rafting, skydiving and the likes are the best options. The adrenaline rush that such activities provide is a great way to bond for the adventurous sorts.

Hope you have great date ahead. So share with us some of your wildest experiences.

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